All You Need To Know about Godfall Pre Orders, Versions, DLC, and more

Godfall was the first announced next-gen game and is a PlayStation 5 Console exclusive.

Now we know it’ll have three editions, standard, deluxe, and a retail exclusive Ascended Edition. All will be available at launch and each gives you something different.

Here’s what we know about Godfall so far.


Godfall is releasing on the Epic Games Store and as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive from November 12th.


Godfall is announced to have at least one major expansion coming in 2021


There will be three different editions of the game – Standard, Deluxe, and retail exclusive Ascended versions of the game.

Standard Edition

This costs £69.99 and pre-ordering the standard edition will give you a series of digital bonus loot, including some skins and items. They are, as follows.

  • Chrome Valorplate Skins (Silvermoor, Phoenix, and Greyhawk)
  • Red Typhon Valorplate Skin
  • Starter Park Items (Set of early Augments, Amulets Trinket, and Ring Trinket)
  • Plus! Zero’s Sword

Deluxe Edition

Costing £89.99, the Deluxe Edition includes everything in the Standard Edition, as well as Expansion 1 which is expected to release in 2021.

Ascended Edition

Finally, the Ascended Edition costs £99.99, is retail exclusive and comes with even more additional goodies to use in the game as well as those found in other editions. They are, as follows…

  • Base Game & Expansion 1
  • Gold Silvermane, Phoenix, and Greyhawk Valorplate Skins
  • Orange Vertigo Valorplate Skin
  • Gold Weapon Pack
  • Gold Shield
  • Gold Royal Banner
  • Zodiac Knight Lobby Title

Godfall will release on PS5 and the EGS on November 12th 

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