All You Need To Know about The Callisto Protocol: Editions, DLC, Setting, and more

There’s still some major releases to come this December and it all kicks off with The Callisto Protocol.

Originally conceived as an extension of the PUBG universe, the game is now its own entity and comes from some of the minds behind Dead Space.

Featuring a well known starring lead and some gruesome, horrible ways to die, here are all the key things we know about the game.


The Callisto Protocol is releasing on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC.


The game is running on Unreal Engine 4

Release Date

The game officially launches on December 2.

Who is Developing/Publishing?

The Developer is Striking Distance Studios who are formed of Dead Space and Call of Duty veterans. This is their first game. The publisher is Krafton who are best known for the PUBG franchise.

So is this a spiritual successor to Dead Space?

The Callisto Protocol is an entirely separate entity, though it has been brought to life by Dead Space co-creator, Glen Schofield. It was originally pitched as a way to expand the PUBG universe, however it was confirmed in May this year that the game’s story had evolved in its own direction, though it will contain some nods and references to the classic battle royale.

Who stars in it?

Josh Duhamel takes the lead in this one as Jacob Lee, the prisoner players will step into the shackles of. Karen Fukuhara, best known as Kitana from Suicide Squad and Kimiko from The Boys also stars as Dani Nakamura.

When and where is this set?

Far off in the future in 2320, the game is set on Jupiter’s moon – Callisto – on a prison colony called Black Iron. Players find themselves in the midst of an alien invasion.

Has the game been in cancelled in Japan?

Unfortunately, yes. The game couldn’t obtain a CERO rating and the developer didn’t compromise on the content, so this version was cancelled back in October this year.

Are there lots of ways to die?

Far too many. The game has various death animations already built in with more added as part of additional content coming in the post launch. It’s gory, graphic and definitely not for the faint at heart!


This is a solo, story-driven game

Will there be DLC?

Yes! In fact, The Callisto Protocol has a full Season Pass with a years worth of content planned. At launch, there are two sets of skin packs you can pick up but it’s now been confirmed that The Callisto Protocol will have a further Story DLC, Outer Way Skin Collection, Contagion Bundle and Riot Bundle. (Thanks VGC)

Platform Exclusive Content?

Yes. PlayStation owners will get a Contraband Pack which lets you trade in certain items to upgrade weapons faster. PlayStation owners will also get 48 hour early access to story DLC.


Standard Edition

The Standard Edition includes the game itself, as well as the Retro Prisoner Skins. PlayStation owners will also get the Contraband pack.

Digital Deluxe Edition

You’ll get all of the above, plus the Season Pass for the game.

Collector’s Edition

All of the above and much more, such as pins, a steelbook, a collectible figure and a comic.

The Callisto Protocol launches December 2. Which version are you picking up?

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