The Callisto Protocol has a full Season Pass Planned alongside skins and a PlayStation Exclusive DLC Pack

The Callisto Protocol is a futuristic horror that might just remind you of another franchise getting a remake next year.

While the two products aren’t the same, they do share some of the same developers who worked on both games. The difference is, The Callisto Protocol is coming up next month and it has a big future planned.

The developers have a full season pass of content planned, which, according to one interview at True Trophies, will cover the entirety of 2023 and may add additional modes. Very exciting.

We don’t know what any of that content looks like yet, but we do know the world has been left ‘Expandable’ and ‘Open’. Sounds like our kind of game.

What we do know is that there is a DLC pack available at launch, alongside some unique skins which you can pick up depending which version of the game you buy.

There’s Retro Prisoner as well as Biophage Skins and these are accompanied by some weapon skins for a variety of your weapons.

Additionally, if you get the game on PlayStation, there’s a Contraband Pack which actually lets you trade in a certain batch of items to upgrade your weapons faster. Take a look below.

The Callisto Protocol launches on PC, Xbox and PlayStation on December 2.

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