Angry Birds: Star Wars goes to the Cloud City

Angry Birds: Star Wars may be one of the most genuine surprises we’ve seen in a long time. It’s actually a great little game and chock-full of laughs and content.

Thankfully, Rovio aren’t done with it and there’s still plenty more of both yet to come.

Angry Birds: Star Wars has gone to the Cloud City and takes place after Lando betrays Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back. Deeply remorseful, he joins the Rebellion and brings the fight to the Pig Empire.

Playing as Lando Bird, the free update includes a whopping 20 new levels which sees our newly turned hero attack Pig Troopers with three laser blasts at once, while still somehow managing to look cool with a boof-cut and black cloak.

There is also a new power-up that allows players to master a lightsaber sling, as well as a new Boss fight, which puts players up against Lard Vader. There’s even new bonus levels where players have to find a golden droid and collect stars.

The update even manages to fix a few minor bugs and tweaks the game for the better.

Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

You can download this one right away from the AppStore.

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