Fury of the Gods gets even more furious in update 1.2

Fury of the Gods , the Chillingo defense strategy title, has just received a pretty substansial update.

Players get to play as one of three Greek Gods, Zeus, Poseidon or Hades in the game and must smite those who have besmearched them by tearing down their temples and breaking down their defenses.

The game looks pretty glorious in all its Unreal Engine awesome and now its about to get a whole lot more elegant as players can now play as a fourth god, Athena, in 1.2. Athena was chosen via public vote and is sure to bring a smile to Fury fans.

The update also includes a new environment with 10 new levels. New opponents, including elephants and heavy archers and new bosses, including The Scorpion King (I smell what Chillingo are cookin’)

There are also new powers, including Desert Storm and Burning Ray and a new Defender, the Sphynx.

The game has received some balance tweaking and fine-tuning. Powers are slightly more powerful now and the game is also less reliant on endless tapping. There are also some other minor adjustments that have gone on behind the scenes.

The update is available to download right now. Get it before we smite you!


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