Anthem DLC Legion of Dawn Upgrade and Shard Pack helps you become a Legend

Anthem is now available across all of its available platforms and formats and now there’s some DLC upgrades to go along with it.

If you’ve just got the base edition of Anthem, you can upgrade to the Legion of Dawn Edition for £20 and not only get the Official Soundtrack digitally but also claim some exclusive Legendary gear.

The £20 upgrade gives you the Legendary Ranger Gear Piece, a Legendary Weapon, and Legendary Legion of Dawn Armor Packs. You won’t get immediate access to them, though, and will have to beat the tutorial missions, and then complete the Lost Arcanist mission which leads you to Prospero in Fort Tarsis.

The Legion of Dawn Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor Exosuit Armor Packs and Legendary Weapon – Light of the Legion – are added as part of the collection.

And to purchase in-game items, EA have put out a series of Shards Packs. You can get 500 Shards for £3.99 1050 Shards for £7.99 2200 Shards for £15.99 and 4600 Shards for £32.99

We quite liked Anthem when we played the Open Beta and have just received our Review Code to check out the game in full. Expect more impressions early next week.

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