Armello 1.5 Art of Treason goes live with Seasons Board Skin Pack

An enormous update has gone live for the turn-based board game Armello, introducing a sea of additions including new cards, UX improvements, Scaling Bounties and more.

We’ll detail the full details below, but it’s worth pointing that the Seasons Board Skins Pack has been hugely requested by the community and can be grabbed here for £3.59. This encompasses two brand new board skins, Autumn and Spring, and adds in new environment assets, atmospheric and weather effects, as well as new audio and sound effects.

It looks wonderful.


Now then, Art of Treason. It’s easily the biggest Armello update so far. The major feature is the five new cards which feature one new Follower and four new Trickery cards.

The first is Diplomat who is Recuitable and counts as a claimed settlement.


There’s also Blackmail who is a Play to Hero with a Pact to Steal 1 Gold from other Pact members every turn.


There’s Grand Heist who is another Play to Hero and will Steal 1 Spirit Stone from target.


Finally, Sharpshooter which is a Play to Tile and dishes out -1 health, but if the target has a bounty, then it dishes out -2 health instead.


Moving onto the UX Improvements, there’s new player linking effects cards which have now been categorised into the function of Pacts. A new animation has been added to the game, in addition to new images next to your portrait which show listed pacts with relevant effects.

The Tab screen has also been updated to show The King’s Health and Rot, as well as information relevant to victory conditions.


Scaling Bounties have also been added to the game which adds levels and tiers dependent on how much of a target of interest your character has become. At Level 1, they’re just wanted, but at Level 2 they become a fugitive and Level 3 is a traitor.

The way rewards are issued with each bounty also multiply with each increase in level with Level 1 offering 1 Prestige and 2 Gold, Fugitive being 2 Prestige and 4 Gold, and Traitor giving 3 Prestige and 6 Gold.

King’s Guards will also chase Traitor targets with an extra Action Point as they’re considered priority targets.

The Multiplayer Progression has even been tweaked. Whenever queuing for public or private games in Armello you can gain levels, unlock new portraits, frames, and increase the skill level of players you’re matched with online.

And perhaps the biggest of them all, The King now speaks! He’ll now audibly voice his frustrations, while also taunting heroes.

The update is available right now and it ties in with a heavy discount for the game, now clocking in at £10.49 but only for a limited time.

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