Armello 2.0 DLC improves the multiplayer experience with enhanced visuals and Clan Grounds

Armello’s biggest ever DLC update has been inspired by three years of community feedback, adding its most requested feature, Multiplayer Reconnection.

With a beta launching today ahead of a February 26th release, this massive 2.0 update reinvigorates the game in many different ways.

Multiplayer Reconnection is at the heart of that and, impressively, has now been achieved by League of Geeks. This now means if a player’s connection drops, they will be able to rejoin the match in progress. Standard multiplayer fare, true, but certainly no easy task for a small indie.

That’s not all, though, as a new Party Menu User Interface has been assembled to make it easier to set up with friends and jump right into a match.

There’s also a brand new Hero Mastery feature which provides long-term goals and rewards to pursue, meaning you can level up heroes and gain cosmetic content on the way. These include things like lines of dialogue, new animations and even dice skins.

Clan Grounds, meanwhile, is another massive component that lets you retain loadouts, and house collectibles in one area. The graphics have also been upgraded, with improved UX and animations, and there’s even a new main menu theme from the original composer.

It’s also all free. This is amazing support for a three year old game and with its recent release on Switch, it may be getting a whole new lease of life for years to come.

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