The Blackout Club DLC Update 6 The Plexus brings new maps, missions and achievements to the fray

The Blackout Club has just received its sixth major DLC update since launch, entitled The Plexus.

The Plexus is a brand new large area which has been added to the maze and is unlocked at Level 8. It is accompanied by a slightly smaller area, Signal Relay, which unlocks at level 9.

You’ve also got a brand new mission to tackle – Drone Repair. Here, the group need to repair a disassembled drone which will eventually lead them to some extra special loot. But along the way they’ll also pick up a few juicy nuggets of evidence to guide them along.

On top of that, there’s been some major balancing tweaks to the Stalker mode, changes made to items, and extra links in the Underground Maze. A new customization category – Accessories – has also been added in, though is a little bare bones at the moment with more updates to come in the future.

Excitingly, Steam Achievements have also been added into the game, along with a bunch of new fixes, like improved region select UI and cleaning of various typos.

The Blackout Club is in Early Access on Steam right now.

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