Assassin’s Creed Origins receives new content this month

Free content and the first major expansion for Assassin’s Creed Origins will release this month.

A new quest will be added to the game ahead of the premium Hidden Ones DLC. Bayek will get to explore a new region while fighting against the Romans, while increasing the level cap. Players will also be able to sell outfits at weaver shops and Heka chests can store more.

The Trials of the Gods event will also return, allowing you to compete against Anubis from today through to January 16 and then Sobek from January 23 to 30th.

You’ll even be able to get some new in-game gear through Ubisoft Club. The Almighty pack releases on January 16 with a For Honor pack following on January 30th. On the same day, the Warden’s Oath outfit will also drop. Dates have also yet to be confirmed for the Harlequin and Chop-Chop items.

Plenty to sink your teeth into, then!

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