Attack on Titan 2 DLC roadmap and Early Release Content Outlined

Attack on Titan 2 has a full DLC roadmap through April 12 as well as Early Release content for those who purchase the game before April 16.

If you purchase the game early, you will receive the Eren and Levi plain clothes Outfit Early Release, as well as Mikasa and Armin plain clothes outfit Early Release.

Beyond that, on March 15 a Delinquent costume for Eren, as well as Chinese Dress costume for Mikasa and Leather Jacket for Levi released on March 15th. And today, March 22, there is a Kid Costume for Armin, Clown Costume for Jean, Kungfu costume for Connie, Cheerleader costume for Sasha and Gothic Lolita costume for Christa.

Check out the rest of the DLC roadmap below…

Releasing on March 29

  • American Football costume for Reiner
  • Pajama costume for Bertolt
  • Motorcycle Suit costume for Annie
  • Pirate costume for Ymir

Releasing on April 5

  • Scientist costume for Hange
  • Knight costume for Erwin
  • Kunoichi costume for Mikasa
  • Maid costume for Christa

Releasing on April 12

  • Idol costume for Annie
  • Jersey costume for Sasha
  • Shrine Maiden costume for Ymir
  • Detective costume for Hange
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