Angry Birds shows off Red’s Mighty Feathers

Rovio have quietly released another major update for their original classic. 15 new levels have come to Angry Birds, along with remastered abilities for our good old friend, Red.

While Angry Birds has had a ton of updates, this one changes up the formula quite a bit.  Red now has a new ability that enables him to home in on the Piggies. Simply launch him and then tap a second time in the direction of the Piggie to take him down.

Interestingly, players have an unlimited number of Red birds to fling, but the targets are not stationary unlike the main game. The Piggies will come towards an egg that Red is trying to protect and it’s up to you to keep deflecting them away by continually throwing birds. This gives the game a more arcadey feel. Once a player has destroyed one of the Piggie’s contraptions, they’ll abandon their pursuit of the e gg, and it’ll be up to you to beat the Piggie before he escapes.

Now you may be an expert pig popper, but how will you cope with 15 levels of moving targets? In this new update Red defends the eggs against wave after wave of Bad Piggies advancing in their 72 crazy contraptions. But wait! Red has some new powers from the Mighty Eagle himself, so he can attack with speed and pinpoint accuracy!

Check out the teaser trailer here…

To celebrate Red Bird, Rovio are also giving a 15% discount on ALL Red Bird products in the Angry Birds Online Shop! Offer is valid until July 10, 2013.

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