Articles by Mike Smith


Tango Fiesta – First Play

Version played With games like Broforce, Towerfall and even the recent remastering of The Chaos Engine it’s clear that the couch element of couch gaming is back in full swing. It’s something I fully embrace as games begin to aim for the social aspect of gaming more than anything….

As We Play

Dark Souls 2 PC – As We Play

Version Tested: 1.00Format: PC It’s no secret that I’m a huge Dark Souls fan and the opportunity to dive back into Dark Souls 2 afresh on the highly anticipated PC version sent my blood pressure into a frenzy…which in hindsight is something I should probably discuss with my doctor.   Getting past…

Early Impressions

DEX – Preview

When I played DEX at Rezzed recently, the first thing that struck me was the beautiful art style – with a unique blend of Comix Zone, Flashback and a dash of Blade Runner – the game looks amazing! Equally unique is the game type. Not being content with simply making…

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