June 2014


DotA2 Like A Noob – Sand King

So after my mixed results in taking on the role of Krobelus the Death Prophet, I delved back into the wide world of DotA2 in search of a new challenge. I took on the roles of agility (Juggenaut) and intelligence (Death prophet) heroes in previous columns so all that left…

As We Play

Outlast Whistleblower: As We Play

Format – PS4 Version 1.01 Shh…Can you hear that? Better not blow that whistle just yet…The hunt is on once more! Yes, Red Barrel Studios have graced us with another installment in the pants-wetting, heart pounding terror-fest known as Outlast. Once more you’re placed into the creepy asylum filled with…


I’m Not A Hipster Update Hits GTA Online

That’s right, folks a whole load of new content has landed in Rockstar’s MMO-em-up Grand Theft Auto Online, courtesy of the “I’m Not a Hipster” update. Described as a “post ironic, artisanal, organic, entirely independent, 100% re-claimed” update, it promises new retro print tees, skinny jeans, hairstyles, tattoos, animal masks…

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