Autonauts is the next game from former Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto Creative Director

Coming from Denki Studios is an all-new management and colonisation sim called Autonauts.

Releasing this Autumn, it’s developed by Gary Penn, formerly a Creative Director at DMA Design, and will be published by Curve Digital.

Autonauts sees you explore a wide and expansive universe full of procedurally-generated planets, enlisting the help of AI companions.

As you come off your spaceship, you’ll start by harvesting basic raw materials, eventually building a fully functioning home and sustaining a thriving colony.

To do this, you’ll need to ‘code’ your AI companions using a visual programming language that’s easy to pick up, but full of extremely complex construction options.

It’s already been available during an Early Alpha and has been downloaded over 300,000 times, but it seems the best of the game is yet to come.

Autonauts has a beautiful art style and seems to offer hours of entertainment. We can’t wait to take a look when it releases later this Autumn.

For now, enjoy the trailer and consider popping it on your Wishlist. There’s an amazing gaming pedigree behind it after all.

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