Batgirl Joins the Injustice Roster.

All you fans of the caped crusader rejoice! As Batgirl joins the likes of Batman, Nightwing and Catwoman as a playable character in the latest DLC for NetherRealm Studios Superhero beatem-up ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Batgirl, or as she goes by day ‘Barbara Gordan’ comes as the second DLC pack released for Injustice and is available for purchase now on the XBLA store for just 400MP and the PSN store for £3.99 or for no additional fee if you purchased the Injustice pass.

The DLC also arrives with a series of new skins for the current characters. Check our her gameplay reveal trailer below to see how she kicks ass.

As you can see, Batgirl is all about the gadgets to defeat her foes, drawing from One Earth where Batgirl started life as ‘Oracle’ a character with unparalleled ability to avoid detection using her technical skills,

NetherRealm studios has decided to gift Batgirl with a baffling array of technology to use in order to execute her various special moves such as her ‘Smoke Bomb’ attack which launches her into a teleport followed by a grab or her ‘Bab’s Bola’ an attack which uses her wire to ensnare opponents, leaving them at the mercy of any combo’s you have to follow up with. The Batbike also makes an appearance in her ‘Batwheel’ move.

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Batgirl looks set to be an extremely fun addition to the Injustice roster and for the lowly sum of 400Mp or £3.99 with some extra character skins thrown in its good value for money. But will you be pounding on the joker as the Dark Knights female accomplice? Why not leave us a comment and let us know.