May 2013


Miiverse and eshop updates go live

For many Wii U owners, miiverse is the console’s killer app – and in this game starved period Nintendo have wisely chosen to constantly update and tweak it. But why let Wii U owners have all the fun? You may have noticed last month that Miiverse quietly made its way…


June DLC Release Schedule

June will finally see Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep release for Borderlands 2, as well as the first major Crysis 3 DLC, more Gears Judgment content, New Super Luigi U and the Eve Online, Odyssey expansion Check out the schedule as it stands below…   Release Date Game DLC…

Playstation 3

Lost Island Comes to Crysis 3

Our favorite German fellas Crytek have announced some new DLC for their 2013 Shooter Crysis 3. Coming on the 4th June The Lost Island DLC will boost the multi-player mayhem of future New York City adding four new maps, two new game modes and more weapons than you can shake…

Playstation 3

Killer is Dead to get Premium Edition

Deep Silver recently confirmed that Killer is Dead will be getting a premium edition with its own reversible cover and bonus DLC. Costing the same as the standard edition, perks will include a “Beauty & The Beast & The Lingerie”  mission pack, the “Temptation of Miss Vampire” gigolo mission, and…

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