Battlefield 3 Expansions reduced for a limited time

If you own Battlefield 3 on PC and you don’t have all of the additional content and shortcuts, then this post is for you.

From today, expansions will see a $5 price drop and Shortcut packs will get various discounts via EA’s Origin service. Check out the full list below.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath


Battlefield 3: Armored Kill


Battlefield 3: Close Quarters


Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand


The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle

From $39.99 to $20.00

Kit Shortcut Bundle

From $24.99 to $12.50

Vehicle Shortcut Bundle

From $17.99 to $9.00

Ground Vehicle Shortcut

From $9.99 to $5.00

Air Vehicle Shortcut

From $9.99 to $5.00

Assault Kit, Engineer, Support, Recon Kits Shortcut

From $6.99 to $2.00

Co-op Weapons Shortcut

From $4.99 to $2.00

As previously mentioned, these are only available through Origin

It’s unclear whether a similar deal will come to Xbox 360 or PS3 owners, but don’t be surprised if one isn’t far behind.

No word on when these deals will end, but if you’re interested and want our advice, don’t wait around.

(Source: Origin)

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