Bioshock Infinite – Season Pass Review

Bioshock Infinite

Season Pass Review

Developer: Irrational Games
Release Date: Out now
Format: PS3, Xbox 360, PC,
Version Tested: Xbox 360
Price: $19.99 or £11.99

(Once all the content in a Season Pass has been released, we will pool together all our reviews and give you our final analysis. Once we’ve got the scores together, we’ll determine the average score and offer our final opinion on the Season Pass, advising you whether you should buy it or avoid it.)

Bioshock Infinite has a very diverse Season Pass. With a two part narrative and a seperate add-on based on in-game content, as well as a bunch of in-game extras, you’re getting a decent bang for your buck. But how does the content stack up? Here’s what we thought…



Burial at Sea Episode One


We Said:

Essential for any Bioshock fan. Just don’t be afraid to take your time enjoying the experience. The content will be over before you know it…



Burial at Sea Episode Two 


We Said:

 Burial at Sea Episode 2 is the fitting tribute to Rapture we hoped it would be. It’s been a pleasure to delve down into its murky depths one last time.


Clash in the Clouds – Not Rated

We Say:

A brief and entertaining enough excursion to pass the time and briefly take you away from the narrative treadmill. 


The Season Pass includes the Early Bird Special Pack, which provides four exclusive gears, Machine Gun and Pistol Damage Upgrades, gold skins for each weapon, and five infusion bottles for the main campaign.

The Steam version features BioShock-Themed Team Fortress 2 Items, including a Pocket Mister Bubbles and two Motorized Patriot masks: A Washington Mask and a Franklin Mask.


Final Analysis

The continuing story of Elizabeth and Booker presents some interesting twists and turns, not just narratively, but mechanically. Irrational Games have crafted some genuinely entertaining content that every Bioshock fan should experience. Slight technical hitches, quick run-times and a relatively half-hearted Clash in the Clouds add-on – which only remains entertaining for a short while, despite its replay value- hold this back from getting full marks. Still, with all the additional extras that come with the Early Bird Special Pack, we reckon this Season Pass is great value for money and well worth an investment if you enjoyed your time with any of the Bioshock games.


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