Black Ops 2 on PC & PS3 gets Zombies in Nuketown next week

PS3 and PC Black Ops 2 owners will be able to experience zombies on a familiar map next week.

The ever-popular Nuketown will be getting a zombies map on Playstation 3 and PC next week. The catch? You have to be a Season Pass Holder.

Xbox 360 owners have been enjoying it since December, but that exclusivity is finally coming to an end.

There’s still no word if/when this will be coming to Wii U. We’ve reached out to Activision for comment.

Here’s a trailer for Nuketown Zombies to get you in a brain-eating mood.

Here’s the official Nuketown Zombies blurb from Activision.

Nuketown Zombies is set during the events of Moon, and after the end of the multiplayer level from the original Black Ops game. A group of radiation scientists are investigating the Nuketown remains and discover soldiers that have been revived by Element 115 from a nearby Nevada base. The zombie soldiers attack the radiation scientists and turn them, and after receiving a distress signal, the base in Nevada sends in CIA and CDC agents to investigate. Upon arrival in Nuketown the agents lose communication with Hangar 18 and become stranded…setting the stage for Nuketown Zombies.

Not a Black Ops 2 Season Pass holder? Head here for more details

(Source: Activision, VG247

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