Blacklight Retribution PS4 patch 1.02 hits

Blacklight Retribution has only just launched on PS4 but has already received a significant update to improve overall stability.

Here are the full patch notes

  • Fixed ping calculations used in game searches
  • Fixed bug causing game searches to fail when they shouldn’t have
  • Social menu now support as many friends as the system
  • Fixed leaving a server rarely taking a long time to show the loading screen
  • Fixed a rare crash with input
  • Optimized texture loading for better performance
  • Fixed some voice functionalities, such as quick-muting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused host migrations to fail too often
  • Fixed hot migration causing the same map to be played again
  • Fixed social menu sometimes showing bad times for the last online time

The issues mostly fix the issues of match wait time and creation speed, but also look at frame-rate issues that have affected the game.

Keep in mind the game is still in Beta, so we can expect regular updates and changes over the next few weeks.

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