Brian Fargo announces The Bard’s Tale 4

On its 30th anniversary, legendary game series, The Bard’s Tale is coming back with Brian Fargo at the helm.

Announced at PAX South, Brian Fargo has told the world that The Bard’s Tale 4 will be going to Kickstarter for funding in the not too distant future. Details are light for now, but we do know that there will be turn-based combat and unlike the comedic re-imagining a few years back, this will be a direct sequel to The Bard’s Tale 3 which released way back in 1988.

Brian recently released Wasteland 2 with inXile Entertainment with Kickstarter funding, and also recently saw Tormet: Tides of Numenera get up to $4 million in funding on the platform.

Brian has briefly said on Twitter…

“It’s official…And I’m very personally excited to be working on this. More details to follow”

He’s also spoken to IGN in more detail about the game, revealing players will return to Skara Brae, but the game will feature traditional turn-based combat where teams attack all at once, allowing for different sets of tactics.

Fargo tells IGN.

“There will be plenty of combat diversity and depth. You look at something like Hearthstone, for example. It’s sort of that going back-and-forth process, and you see the complexity and detail and strategy and nuance that can happen. It’s really an amazing system. I love those modern influences. I took a lot away from that, and see things we need to do with our combat system.”

Fargo has even hinted that he’s considering making old save files from the original Bard’s Tale compatible with Bard’s Tale 4. He couldn’t, could he?

More as we get it..

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