British Games Industry Rallies To the Cause

Not usually a news article we tackle over here at Expansive DLC, however I felt that It was such a positive heart warming example of our Industry pulling together. I felt that you, dear readers, had a right to know as it may have been a story that slipped under your radar.

The games industry often gets a lot of flack in the media, while stories such as these often get forgotten and can offer a little more of a positive sheen it desperately needs.


No doubt many of you heard the news released last week. Sadly, UK based developer Blitz Games , famous for bringing us such titles as Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2, unfortunately closed its doors after 23 years of business. 175 people lost their jobs, although 50 will be kept on as part of a new studio being set up by Phillip Oliver.

It’s sad to see established developers such as Blitz games being forced to close, especially when our industry sees massive releases such as GTA V, a multi-million dollar title being released the very next week. But not all news is bad news, as many UK based developers ushered out the call for unfortunate Blitz employees who hadn’t been offered further positions to take up the many vacant roles in their own studios. Notable names and studios being that of Mike Bithell creator of hit indie title Thomas Was Alone and studios such as Codemasters.


This really is a heartwarming tale of our industry pulling itself together in a time of crisis, something we see little of in any other industry. Best of luck to all those employees affected by the closure of Blitz Games.

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