Call of Duty WWII to host month-long Resistance event from Jan 23

Call of Duty: WWII will host a month-long Resistance event from Jan 23 to Feb 27, adding Double XP rewards, Demolition mode and new gear.

There will also be a new Division added to the game, free for all players.

Whenever players gain a level, they’ll get a Pistol-Tactical knife combo. They will also be able to scramble mini-maps of their enemies, gain pistol attachments and even add a special mini-map for visual cues.

Three modes will be added for the Resistance event, including Gun Game, Demolition and Prop Hunt. Prop Hunt is more of a hide and seek mode, whereas Demolition is akin to Search & Destroy.

You’ll also be able to buy Resistance-themed gear through Captain Butcher, while also gaining a Resistance Supply Drop each week.

The event is being released to tie in with the PS4 release of the first Resistance DLC pack on January 30th. It would seem, though, that the window of the event is made to last so it will also tie into the release of content on Xbox One and PC a few weeks later.


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