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Fable Anniversary – As We Play

As we play offers the thought strands of the reviewer as they’re going through the game. This offers unique content for the reader so they can come to understand the conflicting feelings of the reviewer as they’re playing a game for the very first time. All feedback on this concept is welcome….


Review: Dead Rising 3 – Fallen Angel

While Operation Broken Eagle was a bit hit and miss, we imagined things would only get better with the remaining three pieces of story-based Dead Rising 3 content. Unfortunately, we were wrong… Developer: Capcom Vancouver Publisher: Microsoft Studios Release Date: 11th February 2014 Format: Xbox One Price: £7.99 This time, the story takes us deep underground,…

Content Update

Review: The Wolf Among Us: Smoke & Mirrors

Developer: Telltale Games Release Date: Out now Format: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Vita Version Tested: Xbox 360 Price: £3.99, or part of TWAU season pass Telltale Games know how to tell a story. They’re not afraid to tug on your heartstrings or force you into impossible situations. That’s what makes their games so great. And…


Titanfall delayed on Xbox 360

In something of a surprise move, Titanfall has been delayed on Xbox 360. The Xbox One and PC versions of the game will still release on March 11th. As you may know, Titanfall is being developed by a different studio on Xbox 360. Bluepoint are the studio responsible for the…

Content Update

Xbox One Update hits Tuesday

A major Xbox One update will hit on Tuesday, February 11th.. The update has a few major additions on the surface but also includes a lot of behind the scenes updates for developers. Stability has been added to the dash, as well as improvement to the quality of Kinect voice…

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