Titanfall DLC is already in the works

In an EA Third Quarter Earnings call today, the globally renowned publisher confirmed that DLC for its major March release, Titanfall, is already in the works at Respawn Entertainment.

Coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, Titanfall will release on March 11th and is likely to receive a Season Pass at launch, with additional DLC to follow throughout 2014. To date, EA have refused comment on a Season Pass, but news is expected shortly.

No Microtransactions will feature in the game, despite their inclusion in many major recent EA games, such as Dead Space 3, Plants vs Zombies 2 and more.

In further Titanfall news, the news of a Beta has been leaked by a French retailer and is expected on the weekend of February 14th for Xbox One and PC. Respawn Entertainment haven’t released any details as yet, but it seems you’ll get a chance to sample the awesome a few weeks before the game’s official release. Pray you have a person in your life who fancies a romantic weekend featuring mechs and explosions..

(via Game Informer)


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