Celeste’s Farewell DLC Chapter 9 is bigger than originally expected

Matt Thorson, creator of last year’s major indie hit, Celeste, has shared more details on Chapter 9.

Expected to be the final DLC for the game, Chapter 9 is coming along nicely but according to Matt, is bigger than expected.

In a recent tweet, he advised that the team are ‘finishing up the script for Celeste Chapter 9’.

The funny part about the message is the team weren’t originally planning for there to be any script at all!

What’s more, the game’s composer Lena Raine said that in the original pitch, 4 tracks were planned. However, Raine has now written ‘a lot more’.

The Chapter 9 content is scheduled to be a free update for all platforms sometime in the near future. We’re really excited to see what they come up with!

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