Children of Morta’s Shrine of Challenge update adds Hard Mode from today

The first massive update for Children of Morta is now available with Shrine of Challenge.

The content is free for everyone who already owns the game and includes the highly anticipated hard mode.

This will give you some tougher challenges, but coincidentally more experience.

New enemies have also been added, including the ferocious Dark Blade who seem to charge you in a mass of purple and spin around in a deadly carousel of death when up-close.

You’ve also got the Mech Constructor which inconveniently deposits more enemies for you to fight against and is an absolute tank to take down.

Of course, with all this there’s lots of new loot, including 18 new items such as divine relics, graces and charms.

On top of that, the game has had some UI tweaks with a larger HUD display and some balance adjustments for normal mode and others.

This is all part of the Children of Morta roadmap and next we’ll see a New Game Plus Mode.

Children of Morta is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch, and is absolutely well worth your time. One of my favourite games of last year!

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