Control Expeditions is now available, The Foundation DLC releases March 26 2020

A new, free update is available for Control players called Expeditions.

You’ll now be able to visit new areas of the Threshold, offering new player challenges in exchange for rare mods and crafting materials.

The mode is designed for those who’ve finished the campaign, offering more difficulty and challenges in combat for those looking for something tougher.

You can access Expeditions by visiting a Jukebox in a room in Central Executive once you’ve beaten the ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ mission in the story.

Using Jukebox tokens, Jesse can then be transported to another dimension.

Expeditions is available now as a free download for Control. What’s more, the new trailer has confirmed that the first story-based DLC, The Foundation, will release March 26th 2020. Exciting!

If you’ve yet to check out Control, then do. We absolutely adored it!


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