Crackdown 3 post launch update video identifies key fixes for first major patch

Crackdown 3 launched on Friday for Xbox One and PC, but work is already underway for the first major post-launch patch.

In a new video released today, Executive Producer and Head of Engineering on Crackdown 3, talked about some of the most common issues affecting the game.

Among the chief concerns are Xbox Parties, Campaign Co-op saves, and Campaign co-op 30 FPS on PC. Other issues are being monitored and overseen throughout the launch weekend.

Xbox parties for Wrecking Zone are coming soon, but Brian Stone, the head of engineering explains that ‘it was a tough decision’ to omit them from the game at launch, and admitted ‘Wrecking Zone is something completely new for (the team)’

Lots of technical stress tests were run before launch day, but the team were ‘risk averse heading into launch’ so that meant keeping ‘the matchmaking flow as straight forward as possible’. However, Xbox Party support is already in testing on the dev sandbox now, meaning support is not too far away.

There’s also a very complex issue with campaign co-op saves, whereby you pick a save when entering a campaign co-op game, but this can become affected by the other person’s save file. The team reminded people to ‘avoid picking the single player save slot … as you go into the co-op flow’ but they are revisiting the design of the flow so it’s simpler and easier to understand.

The Crackdown team also revealed they’ve chosen to lock campaign co-op to 30fps to ensure a smooth experience for launch due to the way its connected to the server, however they are investigating ways to unlock the frame rate for future updates.

In the meantime, they’ll be keeping an eye on all feedback over launch weekend and will react and fix as they go. They are already picking up on a few issues, like people with ‘High DPI mice were seeing some frame-rate issues on PC’. That particular issue has been replicated and is already fixed ready for the next major patch.

We haven’t had much chance to play Crackdown 3 as yet due to having review commitments but we’ll be keeping an eye on this and spending some time with the game post-launch.

How are you finding Crackdown 3? Shout out below.

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