Creeping Winter DLC arrives in Minecraft Dungeons on September 8

The second paid expansion for Minecraft Dungeons called Creeping Winter is coming very soon!

Arriving September 8th, the DLC will also be accompanied with a massive update that adds new features and mechanics.

These include a daily trials mode, and new merchants who can be saved and will set up shop at your camp.

You’ll get a Blacksmith to upgrade items and a Gift Wrapper to let you trade with others in multiplayer.

Merchants can also be ‘levelled up’ and will get access to more stock.

Creeping Winter, meanwhile, adds a deadly wintry environment with new enemies, armor, weapons, artifacts and missions.

Minecraft Dungeons is an absolute joy. If you’ve yet to take a peek, you absolutely should. Our DLC coverage for both expansions is coming very soon!

(Source: Mojang)

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