Darksiders III Wave-Based The Crucible DLC now available

Darksiders III first DLC Pack – The Crucible – has finally released today, pitting Fury in some wave-based combat.

The Crucible is available for £5.79  and gives you a challenge that ‘Not even the Creator could have envisioned’.

Fury will enter the Crucible Arena to test her might against 101 Waves of combat. If she succeeds, she’ll earn new armor sets and enchantments for her trouble. If she doesn’t, well, you can guess what happens next.

If she’s really lucky, Fury might even be able to pick up a few Rare Crafting Materials for herself while she’s at it. If she’s lucky.

Enemies appear in 25 waves and after every 5 waves you can either claim the reward or keep fighting for something better. If you somehow manage to make it through 100, your reward is to face the final boss.

The founder of this competition also happens to be the only person who was ever able to conquer the arena, Targon itself. And perhaps if your skills are to the test, you might find yourself face to face with the ferocious foe.

The Crucible is now available for Darksiders III, with a second DLC to follow at a later stage.

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