Day’s Gone Bumper 18GB update adds Surrounded DLC Challenge

Day’s Gone is promised to receive plenty of content post launch, the first of which has now dropped.

Alongside the 1.21 Day’s Gone Update is the game’s first DLC Challenge, ‘Surrounded’.

Basically, it’s a horde mode with you against the Freakers and you’re tasked with surviving for as long as you can using traps and weapons.

The twist, though, is that you can actually increase your time by killing the Freakers.

And the added bonus that every week on Friday, there will be a new challenge added to the game with dates and times to be confirmed.

Each challenge will allow you to earn Bronze, Silver or Gold ranks, which can then be used to earn credits and buy characters and customisables.

What’s more, each challenge beaten will give you a patch to add to Deacon’s jacket that’s shown in story and challenge modes.

To top it off, Day’s Gone also has new Trophies for you to collect. Very nice!

In addition to all that, Patch 1.21 fixes a few other issues with the game.

Progression Issues

  • Lisa will not get stuck on the house terrain during the mission ”Lots Of Sick People”
  • After finishing the objective in “You Don’t Want to Know”, you should be able to properly loot your bounty

General Fixes

  • Picking up and swapping weapons on the ground has been changed to the “Triangle” button
  • A fix has added to fade away the Stat Upgrade and Trust Level banner from the player’s UI
  • Swarmers and the Horde should now vault through windows properly
  • The Breaker’s AI should function correctly when traps are utilized
  • Leaving flashback missions should now retain your melee weapon and proper ammo count
  • Rendering issue has been resolved with a certain set of NPCs
  • Localization fixes
  • Various bug fixes and miscellaneous crash fixes
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