Dead or Alive 6 Happy Wedding Costume Vol.2 Set DLC offers 13 new costumes for your fighters

Dead or Alive 6 has come under fire for its approach to DLC as another of its announced packs releasing today.

The second volume of the Happy Wedding Costume Set is out now, adding 13 costumes for 13 different characters.

Costing £15.99, this can also be purchased as part of Season Pass 1 for £73.99 you can kit out your fighters in a range of different cosmetics.

The costume sets are included for Tina, Helena, Ayane, La Mariposa, Christie, Mila, Honoka, Phase 4, Zack, Eliot, Brad Wong, Rig, and Diego.

Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters can also be downloaded for free, enabling you to purchase the fighters you want and of course using your new Wedding Set to clothe them.

The Happy Wedding Costume Volume 2 Set is Available Now.

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