Dead or Alive 6 now has a Second Season Pass and it’s still expensive

Remember a few months back there was that really expensive Season Pass for DOA 6? Now there’s another.

Admittedly, Season Pass 2 is a little bit cheaper but not by much. Instead of paying £73.99, now you just have to pay £65.99. Yikes.

It still gives you a ridiculous amount of costumes, background music and even a new character, though. 72 Costumes and 12 pieces of music to be precise.

This goes across several pieces of content, the first of which – DOA 6 Seaside Eden Costumes – is out today for £24.99.

In Seaside Eden, you’ll get beachside costumes for the following characters.

Zack, Tina, Jann Lee, Hayabusa, Kasumi, Helena, Bass, Kokoro, Hayate, Leifang, Ayane, Eliot, La Mariposa, Brad Wong, Christie, Hitomi, Bayman, Rig, Mila, Marie Rose, Nyotengu, Honoka, Raidou, Diego, NiCO, and Phase 4.

Also included in Season Pass 2 is the following.

– DOA6 Vacation to Paradise BGM Set (12 Tracks)
– DOA6 Additional Costumes (15 Costumes)
– DOA6 Additional New Character
– DOA6 Additional New Character Debut Costumes (5 Costumes)
– DOA6 Additional Costumes (26 Costumes)

To be honest, this is an even bigger kick in the teeth than before. Just five months after releasing a pricey Season Pass, Koei Tecmo have dropped another. It’s all a bit icky, to be honest.

Unlike before, at least, the listing doesn’t say there will be any other DLC released during this period not in the pass.

Who wants to bet they’ll squeeze in one more before Christmas.

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