Black Ops 4 latest C.O.D.E Jump Pack DLC Supports Civilian Careers for Veterans

Activision released a new C.O.D.E Jump Pack for Black Ops 4 over the weekend.

At £3.99, it’s cheaper than most, but most importantly the pack comes as part of the Call of Duty Endowment program.

This has been designed to support the men and women in the military, and in case of this pack, 100% of proceeds will be given back to veterans to help them transition into civilian jobs.

It’s a cool gesture and nice to see Activision doing their part to support individuals in the military who have struggled to make a living when their time in service is over.

At present, the C.O.D.E Jump Pack is only available on PS4, but will appear on other formats shortly.

Alternatively, you can pick up a new ‘Night Raid’ Dynamic Theme for £2.50, where all proceeds will also be donated to the military.

You can read more about the initiative and how the content is distributed in an Activision Blog Post for Black Ops 4.

Both theme and DLC are available now for PS4 owners.

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