Deus Ex The Fall Update 2 adds iPad 2 Support

A new Deus: Ex The Fall update has gone live today and, among other things, adds support for iPad 2.

Many of the updates will be based on feedback from the community, such as enemy A.I, improvements of loss of sight of the player, as well as improved awareness of the player.

Here’s the full changelog…


– iPad 2 is now a supported device;
– Improved stability on all devices. Fixed rare crashes that could occur in the following areas of gameplay:
– Pocket Secretaries;
– Hacking Terminals;
– Security Hubs;
– Emails;
– Takedowns;
– Disabling auto-save will now fully disable auto-save in all situations. Previously, if auto-save had been disabled in the options, the game would still auto-save when exiting a level.


– Fixed issue where enemy A.I. seemed to lose sight of the player;
– Improved enemy awareness of the player;
– Added confirmation box letting you know that you are about to end the game on the final level;
– Improved Double Takedown collision;
– Fixed bug that allowed the player to reset progress on a hacking node;
– Fixed bug that allowed the player to hack a node infinitely;
– Fixed bug where the timer would not update on a hacking schematic in the Belltower Helipad;
– Fixed bug where during hacking one-way bridges could be used both ways;
– Fixed issue with using Smart Vision aug on civilians, cameras, and boxguards;
– Fixed player appearing on the wrong floor when entering the Drug Den from the Drug Lab;
– Fixed collision on door in Moscow;
– Fixed areas where the player could stand up in a vent;
– Fixed certain floor collisions that caused dropped items to not be visible.

It has also been revealed that the Android version of the game will release in September.

The game is now available on iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 and above.

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