Dev Space 3 Edition incoming

Another limited edition of Dead Space 3 has been revealed named the Dev-Team Edition; only this one is more limited as there will only be 5000 copies made.

Within this edition are two versions; you can choose to buy the version with the game which costs $160 but is only available to US customers, or a version which contains all the Dev-Team content minus the game costing $100 and is available to customer outside the US.

This edition comes with DLC goodness along with physical objects.

You will receive DLC codes for the First Contact bundle and the Witness the Truth Bundle. First contact includes the First Contact Suit designed for long-term space exposure and comes with thick armor.  The Negotiator weapon is also included which provides a Tesla beam capable of destroying enemies with a single shot.

Witness the Truth provides you with the Witness Suit which will have heavy insulation to protect against the cold and the Evangelizer Weapon contains an improved AL-2g rifle with a Emerson 2100 strapped to the bottom.

It also comes with an 8” Marker Statue, Aluminium Data Pad, Med Pack Water Bottle, Bound SCAF Jotter, Peng Postcards and a 96 page mini art book.

Dead Space 3 will be released on February 6th in North America and February 8th Europe.

(Source: EA)

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