Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Upgrade DLC now available as seperate bundle, Orb Prices Revealed

If you’ve picked up Devil May Cry 5 but decided to go against the Digital Deluxe Edition, you can still grab the DLC extras as part of a standalone bundle.

These include the Devil Breaker Weapons, Battle Music, and Live Action Cutscenes which we mentioned a little while back.

For £11.99, the Bonus Deluxe Upgrade offers some really cool extra content that bolsters the game in new and interesting ways. Nero’s Devil Breaker weapons are Gerbera GP01, Sweet Surrender, Mega Man’s Mega Buster, and the Pasta Breaker.

You can also get a Cavaliere R for Dante, alternative voices for Style Rank Announcements and Title Calls, and Battle Music from the original Devil May Cry games, excluding mixes from Ninja Theory’s version.

Perhaps the big lure of this pack is the game’s live action cut scenes which were used as a way of showing what the developers wanted when designing the game. A very unique, rare extra, barely seen in any game.

What’s more, you can now pick up Red and Blue Orbs as DLC extras for use in the game. For £1.69, you’ll bag yourself 100,000 Red Orbs, which will definitely help get a start on building up Nero’s moveset.

To increase your health gauge in the game, you need to collect Blue Orbs, and you can get 1 for £0.79 then at £1.69 you’ll get 3 Blue Orbs and £2.49 gives you 5 Blue Orbs. Be careful, though, you can only have 14 in-game so if you purchase any above that amount, you won’t be able to use them.

Devil May Cry 5 is slick and satisfying, we’re just finishing up some coverage and will post more this weekend, but suffice it to say, alongside Res 2, Capcom have had the best possible start to 2019!

The Deluxe Upgrade is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and weighs in at 6.6GB.

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