Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition looks, plays, and feels better than ever on PlayStation 5

Re-releasing a year and a half old game at the launch of new systems is certainly a move but DMC 5 really shines on PS5.

In a new Special Edition package, bundling together all of the game’s DLC along with some new surprises, the game has lightning-fast load speeds, flows better than ever, and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Take a look at how quickly you can jump in from a cut-scene to gameplay as we run through the game’s opening level.

With the new Vergil content thrown in as well, it can almost be like playing a brand new game with the speed at which you can blaze through enemies and the kind of combos that can be pulled off.

The price also really helps, with Capcom recognizing that this latest, long-awaited adventure in a beloved franchise isn’t the freshest face in town anymore, and for the amount of content here, if this is your first time playing, makes for a great catch indeed.

But yeah, ultimately, the majority of the content here is largely the same, and if you already own the game it certainly is a tougher sell. DMC 5 benefits from 120FPS on PS5, now, and there’s some stunning Ray-Tracing effects with shadows in the puddles and reflections. Aside from Miles Morales, it’s some of the best I’ve seen on PS5.

Capcom haven’t just done a quick job and thrown something out of the door for release. Having played this on PS5, it actually feels like this is the game I should have been playing a year and a half back. I covered the original DMC 5 release on PS4 and as much as I loved it, PS5 definitely feels a more natural home.

The load screens were one of my biggest issues and as you can see from the above video, they’re an absolute non-issue now. There were odd delays between the end of a level and the rating screen, but those flow much more naturally. And perhaps best of all, it doesn’t sound like my PS5 is going to blow up when the action gets fast and furious.

Boss battles are absolutely as big, brash and brazen as intended. The environment breaks to pieces and explosions go off everywhere at the smoothest frame rate. I got goosebumps more than once and that’s not just when the game’s heart-pounding soundtrack kicks in.

Aside from the obvious next-gen upgrades, you can also reap some of the benefits on the DualSense with lovely use of haptic feedback when all the devastation is happening around you. Players can also make use of the Adaptive Trigger for Nero and it now feels like your ‘revving up’  his weapons ready to unload on enemies.

Then there’s the brand new Vergil content, with Capcom now allowing you to play the full campaign through as Vergil, complete with some tweaks and changes to the existing story, seeing key scenes from his perspective and facing new environments.

It also offers the fastest route through the game as Vergil is insanely overpowered with a combination of swords, sailing daggers and deft hand and body combat. You can breeze through foes, while mixing it up nicely for the most stylish combos. Let’s just say you feel how slow Nero is comparatively when jumping between the two characters.

Oddly, though, I wouldn’t recommend Vergil for first time players – even though his skillset will quickly get you used to how the game controls – as you’ll miss all the major cutscenes and key story beats. Not just that, but playing as Vergil there’s an added assumption that you know how the story goes and it almost feels tailored to returning players. It’s an odd paradox, actually.

Other new content includes a Turbo mode that lets you play the game 20% faster. This actually made me feel a little nauseous at the pace the game goes at. It’s staggeringly fast and feels like a natural mode choice for speedrunners and experts. Not suited to me, sadly, but I can absolutely see some of the pros have a blast with this.

Another new difficulty has also been thrown in – Legendary Dark Knight – which is also a bit beyond my skillset. But what I can say is, there’s a noticeable increase in enemies compared to other modes and the game doesn’t suffer for slowing down at any point, which is incredibly impressive when you consider the graphical quality and type of action happening on the screen.

But I cannot recommend Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition enough to new players, especially with all the game’s content bundled in, along with Bloody Palace. It’s among the cheapest next-gen launch titles and it’s still an absolute banger to play – oozing with style and charisma.

It’s a tougher sell for veteran players as £34.99 is still £34.99 for a game you’ve largely played and beaten already. It looks, plays, and runs so much better – which, frankly, might just be justification enough – and playing as Vergil is an absolute joy. Plus if you’re looking for a new challenge, both Turbo Mode and Legendary Dark Knight make this a must-buy.

Personally, as someone who doesn’t quite get on with Turbo Mode and who’s never going to be good enough to tackle Legendary Dark Knight, I don’t think there’s quite enough here to double dip – especially if you’ve already played the game through and hammered through the extra bits and pieces. But if you only briefly dabbled in the past, got put off by performance, and you want a much bigger challenge, then the game really does deserve a second chance as it just glides on PlayStation 5.

For me, it was just a real pleasure to get to replay the game again. I loved this the first time around but now I absolutely adore it. All of my main issues have been resolved, the game has aged like a fine wine, and it now looks and plays better than ever. Devil May Cry 5 is now where it always belonged.


+ Vergil is so much fun to play!
+ The game’s performance is silky smooth
+ Best use of Ray-Tracing on PS5 apart from Miles Morales
+ Legendary Dark Knight & Turbo Mode must be seen to believed
+ Good price point


– Tougher sell for veteran players who’ve played DMC 5 to death already

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is now available on PS5, and Xbox Series S l X

Tested on PlayStation 5

Code kindly provided by Capcom

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