Dishonored 2 adds New Game + in December

Arkane Studios have been closely studying the way we’ve been interacting with Dishonored 2, whether we’re stopping to loot dead bodies, using direct force to attack enemies, or ignoring in-game events entirely.

Excitingly, they are going to allow us even more opportunities for playing the way we want by adding in custom difficulty settings as well as a New Game + mode. There will be more details in the coming weeks, but this is a really encouraging sign that the game will continue to expand and grow in new ways.

Maybe we’ll even get some DLC, eh?

New Game + will be added into the game as a free update in December. So not only is there ripe opportunity for 4 different playthroughs (low and high chaos with both Emily and Corvo) now a New Game + mode could add another 4 to the mix.

We’ll have a review for you shortly, but suffice to say, we can see ourselves playing it more than the once.

Check out this video in the meantime to get a feel for how Arkane are observing the way we play.

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