LEGO Dimensions adds 6 new expansion packs

Warner Bros have added a whopping six new expansions packs to LEGO Dimensions as part of Season 2 Wave 7.

We absolutely loved the base package when we checked it out last year and think it’s better than both Disney Infinity and the more recent Skylanders games.


The packages are led by the long awaited Sonic the Hedgehog level pack and celebrates the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with a Story Pack.

All the expansion packs will add in Battle Arenas with competitive Split Screen gameplay for up to four players with up to four different gameplay types – Capture the Flag, Objective, Base Bash, and Tick, Tag, Boom!  They can be played competitively or cooperatively in various combinations, such as 2 vs 2, 3 vs 1, or even against the system AI.

Each LEGO Figure has golden Toy Tags which unlock free play worlds and a battle arena suited to the universe they’ve come from. The arenas are all unique in that they have various traps and special powers.

The Fantastic Beast Story pack will offer six levels as well a brand new LEGO Gateway to build the Magical Congress of the United States of America on top of the LEGO Toy Pad.

You’ll get a Newt Scamander LEGO figure, as well as the Niffler which can also be rebuilt into the Sinister Scorpion and Vicious Vulture.

There’s also a E.T, Adventure Time, and Gremlins Fun Pack available which enables you to revisit classic films and animations.

Let us know your thoughts on LEGO Dimensions below, if you’re checking out any of the packs, or if you’re eyeing any of them up in particular.

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