Disney Infinity: Hands-on with Cars Playset

Since its announcement, Disney Infinity has always been passed off as just an interesting expansive competitor for Skylanders.

However, seeing the newly announced Cars playset expansion firsthand, it quickly became evident to me that this was more than just a simple copy of Activision’s blockbuster franchise.

The Disney Infinity setup means that developers can deliver adventure campaigns for a wide variety of franchises. More than that, there are hugely expansive options to address lesser well known Disney and Pixar titles in videogame form.

The idea of Ducktales, Pooh or Lilo and Stitch in both games and in collectible toy figure form is rather exciting.

The interesting thing here is that these development options exist for both gamers and toy collectors. Disney Infinity, if it plays its collectible cards right, can court audiences from both these camps.

The key thing is for them to ensure both consistency and quality while providing a steady stream of playset upgrades.

The Cars playset offers some great figures, as you can see in these four videos, and is likely to set the tone for other expansions.

Andy Robertson runs Family Gamer TV and writes about games and families.

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