DOOM Re-Releases getting Megawads, 60 FPS and Quick Saves

With all eyes turning to DOOM Eternal in just a few short months, Bethesda have made some changes to the original re-releases.

It probably would have been just enough to have support for native 60FPS support on all platforms, upping it from 35 FPS. But Bethesda have taken it further.

You can now have Quick Saves in both DOOM and DOOM II, you just press R/R1 or RB to save your current position and can load it using L/L1/LB.

The big addition, though, is Add-On Support. With this, you can now play some of the community-made episodes for DOOM, including SIGIL from Romero Games.

The Add-Ons can be downloaded straight from the menu and Bethesda are even going to be adding to the list down the road. You can even make Add-ons for releases using DOOM Builder and make suggestions to Bethesda. More details here

Other updates include tweaks to the split screen HUD, a Quick Weapon Select, Weapon Carousel, Level Select and Aspect Ratio Option.

Sounds like a perfect excuse to dive into these two great games all over again!

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Brad Baker

Brad is an absolute horror buff and adores the new take on I.T. He also fancies himself as a bit of a Battle Royale master but never when anyone's watching.
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