Dragon Quest Hero DLC out now, revealed during new Nintendo Direct Presentation

Mr Sakurai has fully unveiled the Dragon Quest ‘Hero’ DLC for Super Smash Bros Ultimate in a new Direct style presentation.

The four heroes from Dragon Quest were shown off – Eleven, Arusu, Solo, Eight – and each one has colour variations unique to each game.

Hero will be available from today for Season Pass holders and will also be available individually for $5.99. Banjo Kazooie is expected this Fall.

This will be the first time each character from different Dragon Quest games have been able to fight against one another. This will also be the first time some of these heroes are being voiced by actors.

Gigaslash will be Hero’s final smash which calls on the power of all Dragon Quest protagonists to deal one almighty blow.

You can block projectiles with the Hero’s shield and use a side tilt to deflect attacks.

The B button shoots out Frizz-type spells, culminating in a ‘Kafrizz’ attack. You will need to be careful not to run out of MP though, otherwise you can’t use spells.

There’s also Woosh spells which can help with recovery, creating a whirlwind like effect which lets you escape the jaws of defeat with a very high jump.

By pressing down, you can also get status effects which can impact on one attack per hit, and these include things like Bounce which let you deflect projectiles, as well as a healing option and flame slash.

There’s even a ‘Thwack’ attack which can KO an opponent in a single hit. Eep!

Interestingly as well, the amount of MP you have can also determine how much damage you deal when using certain attacks.

Unsurprisingly, Hero has the most abilities and attacks than any other fighter in Smash. It all sounds crazy and awesome!

On top of that, a brand new stage has been added – Yggdrasil’s Altar – which is inspired by Dragon Quest XI. It comes complete with the famous score, along with several other songs from the Dragon Quest series.

The stage sees two fighters compete on a floating platform that takes you for a tour around the Dragon Quest world.

Slimes will even appear in the background, popping in to say hello. And sometimes a treasure chest will appear which can give you an item to use in battle. Or it could be a trap which can be defeated!

In addition to all that, new Mii Fighter costumes have been added including Veronica, Erdrick, Martial Artist, and a Slime hat. The Extra Mii Fighter Costumes Round 2 is also available from today with each one availalbe for $0.75 each.

Version 4.0 was also briefly looked at and the big change is that Final Smash now has a time limit on it.

Very Easy difficulty has also been added to Adventure Mode, as well as an Online Tourney mode and a new Spectate Mode feature that lets you predict a winner!

What’s more, a new Shared Content feature lets you play videos consecutively.

On top of that, Isabelle, Pichu, and Ash Amiibo have also been released today.

Hero is available from today and Smash 4.0 releases tomorrow.


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