Dragon Warlords is Out Now

Dragon Warlords, the Online PvP strategise-em-up from those smashing ladies and gents at Game Insight, has been released today on the Google Play store for the low, low price of £0.00.

Set in the epic fantasy world of Adan a thousand years prior to the events of the popular MMORPG Dragon Eternity, Dragon Warlords is billed as “a game of intense multiplayer battles as players must not only fight other players online and a world filled with mythical creatures, but also must defend their lands against invaders”; exciting stuff… Let’s take a look at the game in action shall we:


Build your castles and fortifications to protect your treasures from other players, amass your armies from an array of exotic units including fearless desert warriors and gargantuan mechanical monsters, and lay siege to your enemies fortresses using your cunning and exemplary strategic mind.

Sounds like fun to me and for absolutely nothing it’s gotta be worth a look right?

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