DUST 514 Uprising 1.3 delivers big changes

DUST 514 has received a major update

Uprising 1.3  delivers a series of additions, fixes and improvements to the core game and is one of many forthcoming rapid fire updates.

These updates hope to improve the experience by tweaking the core game in dynamic new ways.

The short list of the many tweaks is below:

  • ·         Weapon balancing
  • ·         Grenade balancing
  • ·         Updated dropsuits
  • ·         Updates to Planetary Conquest feature

Weapon changes have been made to the Flaylock Pistol and Contact Grenades

As for Dropsuits, big changes have also been made here.


  • The Amarr Logistics suit will gain an additional low slot at PRO tier and its third equipment slot at ADV tier.
  • The sidearm slot will now be introduced at STD tier level instead of PRO tier as it is currently. This gives the Amarrian logistics suit its defining characteristic from the get-go.
  • Bump up PG: 3 at STD (up to 36 from 33), 4 at ADV (up to 50 from 46) and 6 at PRO (up to 72 from 66)


  • Lower Caldari Logistics CPU: 20 at STD (down to 175 from 195), 28 at ADV (down to 245 from 273) and 40 at PRO (down to 350 from 390)
  • Adjust Caldari Logistics and Assault bonuses as per below:

Caldari Logistics: 5% bonus to shield regulators per level (used to be shield extenders).
Caldari Assault: 2% bonus to shield extender efficacy per level (used to be hybrid weapon reload speed).

As regards balancing the conquest of planets, the team have adjusted numbers such as the price of buying clones, the cost of moving clones, and also adjusting the mechanics around defending/attacking a district.

For full details, check out these links…

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