E3 2018: Mario Tennis Aces will add Koopa and Blooper as free updates

Mario Tennis Aces will receive two additional characters post launch in free updates.

The first update will add Koopa Troopa to the game in July. A much loved character from the Mario verse (and a personal favourite in Mario Kart) Koop sports a green and yellow striped racket and a cheeky smile that would even melt Andy Murray’s heart.

Then in August, we get Blooper with that 1,000 yard stare and a ice blue racket. You might even be able to spot a drop of sweat coming from his ear.

Both characters can be earned through in-game tournament points and unlocked early if you take part in online tournaments. Koopa can be unlocked in July and Blooper early if you play the tournament in August.

Otherwise, Koopa will join the game naturally in August and Blooper in September.

Interestingly, both characters featured in the demo data mine that did the rounds a few weeks back, which certainly adds some validity to the rest of the characters on there being legit.

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