Homefront: The Revolution Resistance Mode Review and Analysis

While Homefront’s campaign is a bit hit and miss, we found the Resistance Mode to be much more entertaining.

Up to four players can team up online and tackle individual missions against the KPA. Free content updates will be added regularly, and there’s plenty of unlockables and equippables to keep the experience fresh and interesting.

Watch the video to see the mode in action, or read our easy to digest points below.

Homefront: The Revolution Multiplayer in Byte-Size

  • Create multiple resistance fighters who can enter the battle independently, but share unlocked equipment and gained currency between them.
  • Online only. No local play. Private or public groups
  • Regular free content updates will add new co-op missions throughout the first year. Will keep the game fresh. Good to know there is long-term support planned.
  • Three difficulty modes, but even Easy is hardcore. Brutal with two people.
  • Six missions in total. One in the video is called Infiltration and requires you to enter a KPA stronghold and steal a supply convoy, then get the supplies out of the zone as soon as possible.
  • Character setup surprisingly detailed. Mostly cosmetic and vanity items to equip, but there are also gear items which add abilities to your characters, such as gloves that boost melee takedowns.
  • You can switch out parts of your weapons, editing attachments, and define loadouts before heading into battle. This can also be done on the fly. You can also craft items like explosives and distraction bombs on the fly. Neat when you run out,
  • Gain XP and money when taking part in missions. XP enables you to boost tiers and customise a character in various different ways, such as reviving team mates faster, or building up your parkour.
  • Boosters and Pharmas can also be assigned ahead of each run, meaning you get temporary boosts to attributes, and also improve set conditions – for instance, earn more money or XP from any particular run.
  • Various crates to pay for and unlock which gives you blueprints for weapons you can craft, more gear and vanity items, consumables and more. The more you spend, the better the reward.


Final Analysis

Homefront won’t win any Game of the Year awards, but this mode is refreshing, captivating, and enjoyable in short or lengthy play sessions. It’s a huge improvement over the original’s efforts and while map range is limited at the moment, this co-operative experience is – so far – up there with the best we’ve seen in 2016.


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