The Elder Scrolls Online visits Craglorn in April

The first major post-launch adventure zone in The Elder Scrolls Online will be hitting in late April. Players will be able to visit Craglorn, a new Adventure Zone that bands you and your allies together for up to 12 player trials. Veteran Rank 12 has also been confirmed.

The content will feature an exciting new storyline and is the next part of the Veteran-end Gameplay. Within a month, ZeniMax Online Studios, are already producing major end-game content for TESO

All this content starts at Veteran Rank 10 and the majority of the content is designed for groups of 4. There are new Veteran-Raid Dungeons and it introduces Trials, the game’s first attempt at large group PVP warfare.

The Craglorn storyline will focus on the Celestial and learning how they are affecting Craglorn.

Also new with this content, Trials are designed for groups of 12  and determine the best of the best. Players will go up against environmental hazards, monsters and bosses with unique tactics. Also, there will be leaderboards and if you and your group turn in one of the best times, you’re going to be added to the leaderboards. Veteran Rank 12 is also confirmed by this video

Not dived into TESO yet? Check out this launch trailer. It’s pretty good at getting the blood pumping. And no, that’s not Evangeline Lilly dropping in for a Hobbit-inspired cameo….

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